Admin Office:

1544 Prospect Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554

Tel. 718-575-3100


Your hosts for 2019 each have many decades of experience running highly professional, elegantly upscale and consistently successful Pesach and Yom Tov Hotel programs.
 The Jewish Heritage Center has been partnering for many years with the renowned Greenwald Caterers, to bring a Yom Tov program that excels in both ruchniyus and gashmius to Toradik crowds. Under the directorship of Rabbi Naftali Portnoy and Rabbi Moshe Turk and the tireless administration, their professionalism and careful attention to fine detail have kept a loyal clientele coming back year after year. Their staff exudes a friendliness and a respect for their guest families which is clearly felt by all. This creates a noticeable camaraderie and warmth which is a signature trademark of all their Yom Tov programs. This is reflected in their successful, sold-out programs for Pesach, Rosh Hashana and Shavuos, that the Jewish Heritage Center has been doing for more than 20 years.
Greenwald Caterers of Lakewood, New Jersey, is known for doing things on a grand scale from their spectacular Kiddushim, five course meals and lavish buffets to their Viennese desserts and inviting tea rooms. Renowned for a world-class cuisine that is consistently first rate in taste, presentation and service, their commitment is to meet your desires and exceed your expectations. We recommend bringing an extra set of clothes, one size larger!
There was so much to do - something for everybody.
What an amazingly warm crowd. We made so many new friends.
 I have been to many programs, but the food here was the best ever!

Half an  hour from NYC