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2019 Scholars in Residence

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein is a rising star in the world of Rabbanus and Torah education. Currently serving as Rav and Morah D’asra of Kehilas Ahavas Yisroel in Cedarhurst New York, Rabbi Glatstein is a prolific speaker on Torahanytime.com. In just the last 18 months, his more than 3,000 recorded shiurim have garnered more than 1 million hits and 200,000 downloads. His Shiurim are also featured on the OU website as well as syndicated weekly on JRoot radio. Rabbi Glatstein has led tours across the globe, from Italy to Spain, Morocco, Poland, Bratislava, and Austria, imparting the eternal values of Torah and lessons of Jewish History. Rabbi Glatstein has Semicha from the Rabbinical Seminary of America, as well as from Harav Noach Issac Oelbaum shlita. R’ Daniel combines dynamic and inspirational oratory with depth of Torah knowledge and keen insight and his shiurim have been received enthusiastically by audiences of all backgrounds and affiliations. Rabbi Glatstein will be joining us for the first days and Chol Hamoed.

Rabbi Label Lam, co-founder of Foundations for Jewish Learning and a renowned orator, is a popular Senior Lecturer at Jewish Heritage Center Retreats for many years. A former full-time lecturer for Arachim Seminars, Rabbi Lam has been inspiring businessmen and college students for Ohr Somayach International and Hamayan Institute for almost two decades. He brings to his lectures his rich life experience, a profound wit and an infectious love for K’lal Yisrael. His insights on the weekly Parsha are received by more than 15,000 subscribers weekly and can be found at torah.org. Rabbi Lam is currently principal of Yeshiva Shaarei Zion in Forest Hills, Queens. Rabbi Lam will be joining us for Chol Hamoed and the last days.

Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein is one of the most sought-after speakers on the Torah scene. He speaks regularly throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel. Receiving Semicha from Gateshead Yeshiva after learning seven years there, Rabbi Rubinstein gives Gemora and Hashkofa shiurim in Yeshivah Sh’or Yoshuv, is the author of ten books and broadcasts regularly on BBC National Radio. Before moving to America he was a regular contributor to England’s largest Radio Show with 16 million listeners. He has also written programs for the BBC, including “Yom Kippur” which was heard by 156 million people. The UK’s Jewish Telegraph reported that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of Rabbi YY’s TV and Radio appearances and confided that she thinks he’s, “Awfully good.” A regular columnist for Hamodia, and the Jewish Press, Rabbi Rubinstein also writes for several non-Jewish publications. Rabbi Rubinstein will be joining us for the entire Pesach.

Mrs. Chani Juravel is a renowned mechaneches with a long and distinguished career as a teacher, principal and consultant. An alumna of BJJ, Mrs. Juravel graduated Brooklyn College and did her graduate work in Columbia's Teachers' College and Fordham University. She is an LCSW in private practice in Rockland County NY treating individuals and couples. Combining a knowledge of Torah, hashkafa and psychology, Mrs. Juravel is a sought after speaker across the globe, an inspiring columnist for Binah magazine, and a popular lecturer on Aish.com and TorahAnytime.com. Mrs. Juravel will be joining us for the entire Pesach.

2019 Speakers & Maggidei Shiur

Rabbi Naftali Portnoy  has served as the Co-Director of, and Senior Lecturer at, the Jewish Heritage Center of Queens and Long Island, an internationally renowned Kiruv Center, since 1988. Together with Co-Director Rabbi Moshe Turk, he developed this respected organization, which since 1987 has reached out to more than 15,000 Jewish Adults throughout the Metropolitan New York area. More than 1,500 of their students have become fully Shomer Torah u’Mitzvos and over 8,000 have made significant strides towards deepening their commitment to Torah Judaism.  Rabbi Portnoy has a deep grasp of psak halacha and has conferred extensively with g’dolei poskin both in America and Eretz Yisrael on varied and delicate matters of halacha as they apply to baalei teshuva.

Rabbi Moshe Turk is the founding Co-Director of, and Senior Lecturer at, the Jewish Heritage Center of Queens and Long Island, an internationally renowned Kiruv Center. Together with Co-Director Rabbi Naftali Portnoy, he developed this respected organization, which since 1987 has reached out to more than 15,000 Jewish Adults throughout the Metropolitan New York area. More than 1,500 of their students have become fully Shomer Torah u’Mitzvos and over 8,000 have made significant strides towards deepening their commitment to Torah Judaism.  Rabbi Turk is a warm and engaging speaker who has lectured to both learned and secular audiences throughout the country and in Eretz Yisrael.

Yitzchak (Isaac) Bardos is an innovative Business Performance Coach, nationwide speaker, and upcoming author of Your Emotional Wealth; How to Achieve Excellence in Today’s World with over a dozen years of experience speaking and coaching. He is the founder of The Unstuck Method which has dramatically impacted the lives of his clients including entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives. He has been a featured speaker at private retreats, scholar-in-residence programs, professional organizations, and shuls. He has been featured in secular and Jewish media including Las Vegas newspapers (over 2 million readership), live on ABC News, live Radio, podcasts, Vegas Inc and BizTank Magazines. He lives in Boca Raton with his wife and family.

Hershi Eidlisz is Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science.  He has written catalogs for Sotheby’s on major collections of Hebrew books and manuscripts. As an expert in rare Hebraica and Judaica, Hershi has lectured about the subject in the US and abroad.

Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz of Los Angeles, our Program’s Rav Hamachshir, is a world-renowned expert in the field of Kashrus. He is recognized as a leading authority not only on the extremely complex laws of kashrus, but as well on the intricacies of modern food production and corporate machinery such as those found in Hotels and industrial kitchen settings. He is Founder/Director of the Kosher Information Bureau and kosherquest.org and the author of the highly acclaimed book Is It Kosher?

Rabbi Shlomo Yonoson Harris is a Rosh Yeshiva and talmid chacham with expertise in many areas, including chinuch and shiduchim. As the Menahel and a beloved Rebbe in Mesivta Chofetz Chaim for almost 2 decades, he displayed a keen understanding of teenagers and connected with them on a profound level. He is now Rav of the RSA alumni minyan and a Beis Medrash Magid Shiur in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, where bochurim line up at his door literally day and night, seeking his guidance and eitza. An internationally sought after shadchan, Rabbi Harris is credited with a huge number of successful shiduchim (including several from past years of Pesach with us!).  

Rabbi Dr. David Hertzberg is Principal of the Yeshiva of Flatbush Middle School. While at Yeshiva University he learned under Rav Herschel Schachter Shlita, and was a member of his Kollel. He holds a Master of Arts in International Politics from New York University, a doctorate in Modern World History from St. John’s University and is an Instructor of History at Touro College. His research has focused on intelligence sharing in counter-terrorism, diplomacy and epidemiology. Rabbi Hertzberg writes a monthly column for the Jewish Press and conducts workshops for students and parents on dangers to our youth.

Dr. Dovid Levy is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children who have emotional and behavioral challenges. Aside from working in private practice, he holds a position at Achieve Behavioral Health, a division of Bikur Cholim in Monsey NY, where he provides individual and group psychotherapy treatment, and runs various parenting workshops on raising children who have anxiety, ADHD, and emotional difficulties. Certified in the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA), Dr. Levy has given several NHA trainings to parents, educators, and mental health professionals. Dr. Levy’s published research focuses on the relationship between mindfulness and psychological well-being, and he has expertise in integrating mindfulness into treatment to help individuals increase their capacity to cope with life’s challenges, as well as deepen the richness of their lives.

Joshua London is the Co-Director of Government Affairs with the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). As ZOA’s Congressional lobbyist, Josh works on Capitol Hill educating members of Congress and their staff about Israel and the Middle East, strengthening the US-Israel relationship. Formerly a lobbyist with the OU, Josh has also served as the director of policy for the Jewish Policy Center, the think-tank sister organization of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). Josh has also been writing and speaking about kosher wines and distilled spirits for nearly two decades. He writes a weekly wine and spirits column for both The Jewish Week and the Washington Jewish Week, and his work regularly appears in many other Jewish publications. Josh is also the author of Victory in Tripoli: How America’s War with the Barbary Pirates Established the U.S. Navy and Shaped a Nation.

Dr. Sydney B. Miller is a Clinical Psychologist and a Professor of Psychology at Concordia University in Montreal Canada. Dr. Miller is also the host of “On Call with Dr Sydney Miller” a weekly call in show on Montreal’s premiere radio station that he has hosted for the past 20 years. Dr. Miller works with individuals of all ages in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression and addiction as well as working with couples and families. Dr. Miller has spoken and conducted workshops both nationally and internationally, and his research in the area of stress and well being has been published extensively in psychological and medical journals.

Rabbi Avraham Chaim Slansky is quickly making a mark in the world of Torah literature. He is the author of the best seller, Wine, Whisky & Halachah, the soon to be released Laws of Yichud (in stores after Yom Tov), and The Laws of Challah and Hadlakas Neiros (estimated this summer).
Rabbi Slansky lives in Yerushalayim and received semichah from the Rabbanut of Yerushalayim and Machon Hora’ah l’Rabbanim. He is in charge of shiurim in Kehilas Ma’alot Dafnah, Yerushalayim, focusing on various areas of practical daily halachos. Rabbi Slansky’s shiurim and written works are unique in their ability to portray even difficult, complicated concepts in clear and relevant terms, thereby making them sought after by both scholar and layman alike.

Past Speakers Include:

Ari Zoldan is the CEO of Quantum Media Group, LLC a global marketing and media company based in New York City.  As an on air TV personality, Zoldan can be seen regularly on FOX News, CNN and CNBC covering technology, business and innovation. Ari has published hundreds of articles on education, entrepreneurship and innovation. In his journalistic capacity, he has accompanied President Obama to Israel and The West Bank. He has covered the New Hampshire Presidential Primaries, Republican and Democratic National Conventions, State of the Unions, The World Economic Forum in Amman, Jordan and the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations. Zoldan is a principal of a news wire in Washington, DC with press booths in the White House, Senate and the Pentagon. Mr. Zoldan is a graduate from Yeshiva University and the Sy Syms School of Business. 

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